Looking and Feeling Younger Means Eating Less & Less Often


skeeze / Pixabay РEating less often and fasting can actually improve your health

Declining human growth hormone (HGH) is one cause of aging. We produce a lot of HGH after we are born, and, each year as we grow we produce less and less. As HGH levels diminish, the level of human aging or decay begins to increase. There are several things you can do to halt this process.

One is to eat less food. Nutritionists tell us to eat 15 calories per day to maintain body weight. If we weigh one hundred pounds, then we need to eat 1500 calories. However, longevity scientists have discovered for the past several decades that eating at levels 30% less than the officially recommended levels actually extends the lifespans of animals. That means a person weighing one hundred pounds should eat 1000 calories per day.

Restricted calories

diapicard / Pixabay – Nutritional balance is key to good health

It is too soon for us to determine how the amount of this extended lifespan applies to humans. However, the studies done with humans has shown remarkable results. Eating less actually makes you healthier. Scientists have studied the elderly who have chosen a restricted calorie lifestyle. Their health compared to normal eaters is far superior. Eating fewer calories also requires you to eat nutritionally balanced meals. Nutritional balance combined with lower daily calories means you are not deficient in the needed vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.

Additionally, the less often you eat, the more HGH your body creates. Fasting for twelve hours opens the floodgates of HGH production. Fasting for twenty-four hours doubles that amount. Fasting, in an of itself, is probably the most beneficial thing you can do to increase HGH levels in your body. We tend to eat often because we developed a habit of eating at certain times each day. Many times we are dehydrated and not hungry. Changing eating habits is difficult, but not impossible. Changing your eating habits might actually make you look and feel much younger than you are.

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