Survived the Virus – How Long Does Your Immunity Protect You?

Since the China Flu invaded the United States early last year and became the COVID-19 pandemic, just under 34 million Americans became infected. Over 27 million recovered, and just under 6 million are being treated – mostly at home in … Continue reading

Does it Always Have to be the Worst-Case Scenario?

Hurricane Marco came and went. Hurricane Laura will make landfall tonight. All I hear is doom and gloom when forced to watch a little of the television weather guessers talk about an unsurvivable storm surge. Years ago, facts were mostly … Continue reading

Worst Case Scenario for Your Health

What we don’t know can seriously harm us – healthwise. We’ve heard for years that cholesterol is something to monitor because it will cause cardiovascular problems. Not true! We’ve heard that fat is bad for us. Again, not the whole … Continue reading

Worst Case Scenario Can Happen Anytime

My kids used to accuse me of mentioning the worst case scenario too often when various situations arose. I believe we should be prepared for most things in our lives. What happens if you get laid off from work and … Continue reading