Wellness is the Unknown Health Component

When you boil it down to the essence of the words, health and wellness, they mean two different things. Health is the absence of disease. Health encompasses the physical and mental states of a person. Most people cannot tell the … Continue reading

Not to Do for Health

I have been watching TedTalks and other YouTube videos on various aspects of business, marketing, health, and wellness. I came across a “Not To Do” list a couple of times over the past week. It got me to thinking about … Continue reading

Are You Really in Control of Your Health?

A while back, before everyone was required to be under house arrest for this global pandemic, I was standing in line at my local burger joint, Whataburger. I will tell anyone upfront that I have been a fan of Whataburger … Continue reading

Want a Fountain of Youth?

We actually own the fountain of youth. It is not a physical fountain. The fountain of youth for all of us involves making the right decisions to counter the effects of aging. Aging causes our bodies to produce less human … Continue reading

How Average Are You To Start 2017?

Our country keeps statistics on many things. However, I don’t believe we have definitive statistics on health and wellness. Are you an ‘average Joe’ with regards to health and wellness compared to your peers? What is average health and wellness? … Continue reading

Ready to Rock n Roll Your Health in 2017

I did some research into the term ‘rock and roll’. It’s meant a few things from ‘dancing and having sex’ to today’s meaning of ‘getting started’. Why wait till January 1st of next year to begin? It takes 21-30 days … Continue reading