The Most Effective Pandemic Personal Protection is the Hardest

Are you noticing the increase in new cases of COVID-19? We have had a steady 20-25% unvaccinated rate for a long time. By mid-August, around 200 million Americans had their first dose (60%). Another 15 million people received their first … Continue reading

How Do You Really Protect Yourself Against the Delta Variant?

I saw a headline a day or so ago about what people can do to protect themselves from the Delta variant when they are already vaccinated. I considered the suggestions and thought about the latest upsurge in new cases, hospitalizations, … Continue reading

Coronavirus – Bioweapon? Hype? Serious? Or Nothing?

  Is the coronavirus a bioweapon, flu on steroids, or media hype and much to do about nothing? Bioweapon? Is it a bioweapon? Bioweapons require infectivity, virulence, toxicity, pathogenicity, incubation period, transmissibility, lethality, and stability. Infectivity is how easily the … Continue reading

What is Important to Know about the Flu

The coronavirus is getting attention around the world, Shortly, I expect, that the United States will have more than a few cases of this virus. The standard medical industry protocols for avoiding the flu are to get a flu vaccination, … Continue reading