Mindset – The Unbelievable Difference Maker Between 2020 and 2021

Our minds can help us or prevent us from doing just about anything. What we focus on we become. That quote, or the gist of that quote, has been used by great minds to plow their courses through many unbelievable … Continue reading

One Way or Another?

Blondie released the song, “One Way or Another” in 1978. It is a catchy tune. Sometimes we get a song in our brain and it lives with us for longer than a few minutes. A few days ago this tune came … Continue reading

Wants vs Needs – Which Is Obtainable?

The British rock band, The Rolling Stones, had a great song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” on their 1969 album, Let It Bleed. It was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The lyrics (paraphrased) tell us that … Continue reading

Double-Edged Sword Part 2 of 3

A reader commented that my blog of yesterday (14JAN18) didn’t tell the rest of the story. What can be done to effectively use a double-edged sword to improve your future? For that, I apologize. Our subconscious mind can be a … Continue reading

Easy to Do Can Lead to Failure

Jim Rohn is credited with saying, “Things that are easy to do are also easy not to do.” He said that the difference between doing and not doing is action. 2017 is almost over. At the end of 2016, how … Continue reading

How Is 2017 Different?

2017 is due in a little over a couple of days. I’m like many of y’all in that I want improvement in my life from one year to the next. If you ask me what my ‘resolutions’ were for 2014, … Continue reading