Clinical Trials for New Lupus Drug Have Shown Stellar Results

Lupus is an autoimmune disease without a current cure. Some lifestyle changes moderate the disease – diet and sun protection. A medical diagnosis along with laboratory testing can confirm the condition. Lupus can last a lifetime. Almost two-thirds of Americans … Continue reading

Second Wave a Tsunami or Ripple?

Health professionals and scientists are predicting a second wave of COVID-19 infections this winter. Why? Since the 1700s, nearly every pandemic has had a serious reinfection period starting approximately six months after the pandemic started. Second Wave Fear? We … Continue reading

Natural Options to Treat Headaches

A headache is something that more than 90% of us experience in our lives. There are four primary types of headaches – tension, migraine, cluster, and occipital. This article will discuss the most common type – tension headaches. Each of … Continue reading

Other COVID-19 Treatment Options

We know companies around the world are researching, developing, and testing vaccines for COVID-19. We also know that there are several anti-viral medicines that might be effective to treat this virus. Testing is being done on both vaccines and antiviral … Continue reading

Concerned about the 2020 flu season? (It might become the worst in 40+ years)

I read an article today about the 2019/20 flu season is probably the worst we have seen in quite a while. The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases can’t predict how bad it will be, but it is already … Continue reading

The Big C

I am sure you know someone with cancer.  It’s almost impossible not to now-a-days.  My wife had breast cancer about three years ago.  She had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  There are other people she knows who have had been … Continue reading