How Do You Accomplish the Most Audacious Thing on Your Bucket List?

Some people have a bucket list – things they want to do, to accomplish before they die. Years ago, it was more closely associated with impending death – months away! Today, it is less morbid and encompasses the less challenging … Continue reading

Walking The Camino de Santiago – The Inspiration and Planning

Five years ago, this week, my wife and I began walking in preparation to walk the Camino de Santiago. Most people consider the Camino de Santiago a pilgrimage. It was a part pilgrimage of sorts, but more of a journey … Continue reading

Do This and Don’t Do That to Live Older and Healthier

Light-intensity exercise for thirty minutes a day reduces your risk of dying of any cause. A sedentary lifestyle increases your risk of dying from any cause. This was the assessment by the American Heart Association in a published study conducted … Continue reading

If You Had the Money and the Time, Would You?

My wife and I just finished walking the Camino Frances – it is one of the Camino de Santiago treks that starts in southwestern France in a city called St. Jean de Pied Port and ends in Santiago de Compostella, … Continue reading