The Times They Are a Changin’, for Better or Worse?

Bob Dylan’s famous hit song in 1964 was The Times They Are A Changin’. The ‘60s was a time for changing, protesting, and demanding. Whether it was civil rights, the war in Vietnam, women’s rights, or whatever, the battle cry … Continue reading

Waiting in Line for Testing May Be a Thing of the Past!

Would you believe that supply has exceeded demand for COVID-19 testing? Towards the end of January, over a quarter of a million coronavirus tests were administered in Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Today, testing is provided at nearly 200 government-supported … Continue reading

What is Unique About New York’s Coronavirus Patients

I saw an article today about unique health issues for New Yorkers with coronavirus. The vast majority (94%) of those hospitalized had more than one health issue according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Over half of … Continue reading

Is Coronavirus a Non-Issue for the Majority of People?

I’ve noticed a couple of studies suggesting that the real number of active cases of coronavirus is 50 times, 60 times, or even 85 times the current number of the official reported cases. There are two parts to this statement … Continue reading