The Sweet Way to Ruin Your Health

Too much sugar can be harmful to your health and quality of life. We know that excessive sugar can lead to diabetes and weight gain. What else can happen when the brakes are not applied to sugary eating frenzies? I … Continue reading

What Effect Does Exercise Have on Aging?

There are many types of exercise. All help our health in one way or another. What kinds of exercise help us age more gracefully? Human growth hormone (HGH) is a controller of our aging process. The higher levels of HGH … Continue reading

2 Causes of Aging That Most People Never Know About

I wrote a book a few years ago on aging – Longevity Secrets for Healthy Aging. I researched the causes of aging and found many. However, it took another deeper dive to find those causes that start at the cellular … Continue reading

Is Aging Our Last Frontier?

Typically, ‘the last frontier’ refers to an area that is last to be settled, explored, or developed. A few hundred years ago the ‘wild west’ of the United States was the last frontier. We have seen television shows and movies … Continue reading

Healthcare Planning Made Simple

Healthcare is not referring to insurance in this discussion. Healthcare consists of those lifestyle choices you make daily. Good decisions usually leave you better than bad ones. However, accidents, disease, and heredity can ruin your plans. What is the best … Continue reading

What You Do Every Day Determines Your Health

One large exercise study combined six smaller ones totaling more than 650,000 people from twenty-two to ninety-eight years of age. These people were followed closely for over ten years. On the average, the lifespan and quality of health of the … Continue reading