Why COVID-19 Attacks the Elderly

Aging allows susceptibility to many diseases. We are normally protected by our immune system. A recent announcement made by the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that asymptomatic (people who have COVID-19 with no symptoms) cannot infect others. The next day … Continue reading

Psychological vs Physical Stress, Which is Worse?

All of us are stressed daily. It is something nearly impossible to avoid. Divorce, marriage, children, work, and money are the most common stressors people face. Juggling job requirements, family priorities, money crises, career advancement, educational concerns, elderly care worries … Continue reading

The Fountain of Youth is Nearer Than You Think

We own the fountain of youth. It is not a physical fountain. The fountain of youth involves making the right decisions to counter the effects of aging. There are two primary causes of aging. One is the gradual decrease in … Continue reading

Two things to slow down the aging process and enjoy life

There is a great life lesson learned in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s play, Mephistopheles. The devil told Faust to seek a life of moderation, stop being lazy, exercise regularly and avoid unhealthy foods. Not bad advice for the Middle Ages. … Continue reading

A Powerful Option to Fight Aging

Aging causes many functions in our body to degrade. In my book, Longevity Secrets of Healthy Aging, I discuss two of the primary causes of aging – the reduction of human growth hormone (HGH) and increased rate of loss of … Continue reading

Is Exercise Really Worth It?

Yogi Berra said that “Baseball is ninety percent physical and the other half is mental.” Any exercise program is ninety percent mental. Doing it because you ‘have to’ is much harder than doing it because you ‘want to’ – or … Continue reading

Exercise Improves Longevity Two Ways

  Exercise has been shown to have a quick effect on human growth hormone levels which improves longevity. Exercise also improves telomere length (reduces the rate of loss) which improves longevity. Exercise is defined in many ways – strength, endurance, … Continue reading

Are Your Genes Totally Responsible for Your Longevity?

Genes can play a major or minor part in determining your longevity.  We inherit our genetic makeup from our parents.  Genes arrive in our bodies turned on or turned off.  Our lifestyle controls whether a gene that is turned off … Continue reading

Telomeres Directly Affect Your Longevity

Telomeres are the protective cap at the end of our DNA. Each time the cell divides, a portion of the telomere is lost. Lifestyle choices account for 90% of more of the lost of each telomere. Scientists have been working … Continue reading

Telomeres and Longevity

There are two causes of aging.  The first is human growth hormone – the more you have the longer you live.  The second is the length of your telomere.  The length of your telomere affects how long a cell will … Continue reading