Fake News and Your Health

I stopped watching television news in 1987. I scan headlines daily but rarely read more than the opening paragraph. I believe that most news programs are politically driven to give the viewer/listener their opinion. Sometimes, the items selected for distribution … Continue reading

Time Management – Favorite Distractions

February 2, 2010 I can’t remember what conference it was, but someone said something close to ‘choose your distractions wisely.’  I use that often in talks I give – along with ‘choices have consequences.’  I purposely chose the term ‘favorite’ … Continue reading

What You Hear, See or Read Can Affect Your Health and Longevity

I perpetually scan headlines, realizing the intent of the writer is to get me to read an article. If the writer is good, I will read or listen to the information deemed as newsworthy. Most of us don’t realize that … Continue reading