I Missed the Change in Wind Direction – Pandemic Booster Shots Not Needed?

Since the first month of the vaccine rollout, there have been nearly weekly articles about the need for a vaccine booster. Scientists did not know how long the vaccine protection would last, but we needed to be ready early as … Continue reading

The Real Solution to the Pandemic is Easier Than You Think

I wrote an article yesterday about the pandemic virus and age. It appears that children under ten years of age are almost impervious to the virus and do not infect others. This was based on the IRR (incident rate ratio) … Continue reading

Is Immunity from Infection Better Than Vaccination?

Does our immune system function longer by having a vaccination or from having a disease? Both options provide information to our immune systems to recognize and quickly respond the next time the foreign invader shows up. However, which lasts longer? … Continue reading

The Wild & Wacky World Of Immune Protection

All of us have heard that we need a strong immune system to fight off disease, especially with the COVID-19 virus around every corner. What does the immune system do? Immune System General The immune system is extremely complex and … Continue reading

Personalized Therapy to Fight Cancer

The Baylor College of Medicine reported this week that researchers have developed off-the-shelf therapies using T cells to fight cancers. Off-the-shelf therapy is manufactured from healthy donors and is targeted at specific markers in a tumor. Our body’s T cells … Continue reading

A Third Natural Option to Boost Your Immunity

Cistanche Herba, the dried stem of Cistanche deserticola, is highly valued by traditional Chinese medicine for a variety of health issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought increased attention to boosting the effectiveness of our immune systems. Cistanche has a proven … Continue reading

A Second Natural Option to Improve Your Immune System

Our immune systems degrade as we grow older. Immunosenescence is the term that describes this process. There are things you can do to boost your immune system back into the effective range. Reishi mushrooms boost our immune system’s effectiveness. Reishi … Continue reading

Sleeping Pills Are Hazardous to Your Health

Most sleeping experts agree that prescription sleep medicines should not be taken more than a few weeks – a few days at best. They become habit forming and addiction has been known to occur. Long-term use leads to tolerance issues … Continue reading

The Aging Immune System – Three Options!

Recent research into immune system senescence (deterioration with age) has revealed that there are some controllable aspects of a failing immune system as we age. The immune system starts to lose control over the: ● Bone marrow production of white blood … Continue reading