Some Disagree with Sweden’s Decisions Over the Past 18 Months, But

I was scanning health headlines this morning to determine what to write about today. Then, I came across one about Sweden and the pandemic. It stated, ‘A year and a half after Sweden decided not to lockdown, its COVID-19 death … Continue reading

World Immunity to COVID-19 May Be Closer Than We Think

Herd immunity against a specific disease is achieved when 70% of any population has contracted and immune to that disease. Epidemiologists define herd immunity is a population’s ability to resist further infection. Sweden and Germany report that world-wide herd immunity … Continue reading

A Quick COVID-19 Update on Sweden

Sweden took a different tack with mandatory quarantine for COVID-19. As such, they were the exception in Europe. The population of Sweden is a bit over 10 million people. Time will tell whether herd immunity is working better in Sweden … Continue reading

Nursing Homes and the Big C – COVID-19

Until COVID-19 entered our lives, the real viral threat each year was seasonal influenza. Millions of people caught it each year regardless of vaccines. Thousands of people died from it. Or, in the new vernacular, died with seasonal flu. Nursing … Continue reading

COVID-19 Coming Back Soon?

One of the charts we do not see when talking about COVID-19 is the number of recoveries versus the number of new cases. I think that is a critical indicator of the effectiveness of the constraints placed on populations around … Continue reading

Sweden’s Approach to Coronavirus – Right or Wrong?

Sweden has a unique approach to coronavirus. They have not shut the country down, as nearly every other country in the world has. There is a lot of controversy in Sweden among virologists and government. Regardless, if you want to … Continue reading