Who Ever Thought Red Wine Might be a Cure for Alzheimer’s?

It may take more red wine than is safe to drink to make a dent in Alzheimer’s disease (AD); however, a component of red wine is worth investigating further. Resveratrol is found in the skin of grapes, red wine, grape … Continue reading

Don’t Leave Home Without This Vitamin to Reduce or Eliminate Stroke Symptoms

Nearly twenty years ago, studies showed that vitamin E protected some patients’ brains after strokes. Ohio State University discovered that alpha-tocotrienol is responsible for stopping or reducing an enzyme from releasing fatty acids that eventually kill the neurons in the … Continue reading

A Tree That Fights Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Many of us are tired. We seem to live a lifestyle that overloads us with self-inflicted demands and the drama of others. A little over three percent of Americans have a disease called myalgic encephalomyelitis. It is also known as … Continue reading

Simple Solutions Can Work Big Time

We all want strong, healthy brains. What price do we have to pay to obtain a healthy brain, especially as we age? A simple amino acid, taurine, that happens to be the most abundant in our bodies actually protects your … Continue reading