Some Health Studies Are Guaranteed to Fail

I caught this headline today and shook my head in disbelief – Vitamin D Supplements Do Not Reduce Bone Fractures Large Study Finds. It makes me wonder what the agenda is when I see headlines that do not align … Continue reading

Survived the Virus – Now What?

I was blessed recently to have contracted the pandemic virus and survived with very mild symptoms – cough and fatigue. My wife and I received monoclonal antibody treatment quickly, and the recovery was complete in about ten days or so. … Continue reading

Natural Immunity Versus Vaccine Immunity – Is One Better Than the Other?

I wrote an article yesterday about the CDC recommending that survivors of COVID-19 should get vaccinated to improve their overall protection. I disagreed with their recommendation because there is evidence about how long natural or vaccine immunity lasts. A couple … Continue reading

Another Counterargument Against the Value of Vitamin D3 to Reduce Risk of Pandemic Virus

It is interesting to me how studies are designed to prove or disprove something. I scanned the health headlines today and found one that caught my attention immediately about vitamin D3 (VD3) and COVID-19. I keep my VD3 levels high … Continue reading

J&J Vaccine be Available to the Public in 30 Days?

Johnson and Johnson announced its single-shot coronavirus vaccine status today. Moderna and Pfizer have FDA’s emergency use authorization for its vaccines now in use in the United States. J&J would become the third vaccine available to the public, but when? … Continue reading

The Truth About Coronavirus Lung Damage

We know that some people with severe COVID-19 complications end up on ventilators. Early in the pandemic, most of them never survived. Much has been learned about how to treat patients with severe complications from COVID-19. Lung damage concerns have … Continue reading

Is Sleep Apnea an Autoimmune Disease?

I saw a headline today about sleep apnea potentially being an autoimmune disease. It piqued my interest and caused me to dig deep into the test results to see more. However, after reading conclusions from several sources the results are … Continue reading

Are Face Masks Robbing You of Oxygen?

I find myself constricted sometimes wearing a face mask. It seems that I am not getting all the oxygen I need. The moment I cross the doorway leading out of a store requiring masks, I remove it and take in … Continue reading

Another Over the Counter COVID-19 Drug?

Everyone is happy when a person can get out of the hospital a day earlier than planned. This is particularly important when patients have severe cases of COVID-19. Study Results Released This Week This week, the results of an Eli … Continue reading

CDC Waits Until Now To Tell Us This?

I saw a headline in my research earlier today about the three main COVID-19 symptoms screeners observed when processing COVID-19 patients. 95% of all patients had a cough, breathing problems, and a fever. Almost half had all three. The most … Continue reading