Diet Drinks and Heart Issues

Many of us believe that diet drinks are safe and healthy. There have been articles over the years telling us that diet ingredients can cause health problems and then a year later another story tells us otherwise. Aspartame (Sugar Substitute) … Continue reading

Are You Self-medicating Because You Think it Will Help?

Nearly thirty million people take aspirin daily to prevent heart problems. Six million of them take aspirin without medical awareness or advice. Self-medication is medicating oneself without the advice of a physician. Do we need to see a physician to … Continue reading

Most Ischemic Strokes Can Be Reversed if Dealt With in a Timely Manner.

Why do some people recover quickly without any noticeable side effects? One reason could be that some people have what is called a mini-stroke – a TIA (transient ischemic attack). It is ischemic because there was a clot that stopped … Continue reading