Weight Loss and Alcohol

How many times have you exercised and had a beer, or other alcoholic beverage, immediately afterward?  I have – many times.  In some of the running clubs I have belonged to, it was tradition to have a beer (or two) after … Continue reading

Build Yourself a New Brain

Everyone knows that vigorous exercise benefits the heart. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) extends your longevity. But, did you know that some types of exercise help to grow your brain? Exercise halts neurodegenerative diseases and stimulates neurogenesis. Neurogenesis is the creation … Continue reading

Want a Fountain of Youth?

We actually own the fountain of youth. It is not a physical fountain. The fountain of youth for all of us involves making the right decisions to counter the effects of aging. Aging causes our bodies to produce less human … Continue reading

Is SEX Really the Best Exercise?

A headline caught my attention this morning. “657 reasons why sex is the best exercise.” Naturally, it caught my attention. There are 657 muscles in the human body and sex uses each one of them. It takes 38 muscles to … Continue reading

What is Your Answer to Balance in Your Life?

I routinely talk and write about balanced nutrition for good health. I was thinking about fitness and wellness yesterday. I don’t think there is a collective ‘balance’ term that encompasses both fitness and wellness. Fitness usually refers to the ability … Continue reading

A Better Lifestyle – Part Three of Four

500 Word Project – Day 296 9:37 p.m.             23OCT14 A Better Lifestyle – Part Three of Four Exercise is the third part of a four-part lifestyle. This writing today will not tell you how to exercise – how many reps … Continue reading

Weight Loss – How Alcohol Impairs Your Ability to Lose Weight

The Basics:  Many of us like to have an occasional beer or glass of wine – but, is it wise when you are trying to lose weight.  Here is the overview you need to know. Alcohol shuts down your metabolism … Continue reading