What Protective Measures Work Best in Other Places?

I have a friend living in France. Their social distance requirement is one meter – a couple of inches or so over a yard – 36 inches. So why is the social distance at six feet in the United States? … Continue reading

The Most Effective Pandemic Personal Protection is the Hardest

Are you noticing the increase in new cases of COVID-19? We have had a steady 20-25% unvaccinated rate for a long time. By mid-August, around 200 million Americans had their first dose (60%). Another 15 million people received their first … Continue reading

How Do You Really Protect Yourself Against the Delta Variant?

I saw a headline a day or so ago about what people can do to protect themselves from the Delta variant when they are already vaccinated. I considered the suggestions and thought about the latest upsurge in new cases, hospitalizations, … Continue reading

Increase in New Coronavirus Cases and Fewer Masks Being Worn

New cases and daily deaths have been on the rise in the past couple of months. Daily deaths usually follow new cases by a couple of weeks. Hospitalizations blossomed and are now receding. A headline I noticed today said that … Continue reading

New Records for COVID-19 New Cases in France – Concerned?

I saw a headline this morning that 9,843 new COVID-19 cases were reported yesterday. The article did not say anything about new hospitalizations or daily deaths going up exponentially. France – New COVID-19 Cases I pulled up a French source … Continue reading

400 Thousand Covid-19 Deaths by January 1st – Myth or Reality?

CNBC News reported today that over 400,000 Americans could die from COVID-19 by January 1st, 2021 (https://cnb.cx/2ZbA36a). I saw this headline and looked at the article and thought seriously about its likelihood. American deaths from COVID-19 are nearing 190,000 (https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html). … Continue reading

COVID-19 Testing Sites Reporting 100% Positive

Florida has been reporting record daily new cases of COVID-19 recently. An investigation into some of the laboratory reporting facilities reveals that some are reporting 100% positive results and 0% negative results for COVID-19. This means every person tested is … Continue reading

Are Face Masks Really Required for COVID-19 Protection?

All health authorities tell us to wash our hands often, to wear a mask, to maintain a social distance from people, and more. I noticed an article today that allocated percentages to a couple of COVID-19 safety procedures. Wearing a … Continue reading

When Do We Bite the COVID-19 Bullet?

We know a lot more about COVID-19 today than we did three months ago. We know that older people with pre-existing conditions are the most susceptible to dying from or with COVID-19. We know that masks and social distancing work … Continue reading