Smiling Away Pain During an Inoculation?

I have told many audiences that smiling is the quickest way to reduce stress. I use the example of sitting several cars back at a red light. You know that the stoplight at this intersection recycles quickly. If the first … Continue reading

Untreated Stress Makes You Fatter and Older – Can You Do Anything About It?

Stress is good and bad. When humans were hunter-gatherers, stress provided that extra bit of energy to avoid being the hunted. The stress reaction is built into our bodies. Stress is not the real problem. It is how we react … Continue reading

Fake News and Your Health

I stopped watching television news in 1987. I scan headlines daily but rarely read more than the opening paragraph. I believe that most news programs are politically driven to give the viewer/listener their opinion. Sometimes, the items selected for distribution … Continue reading

Three Quick Tips for Healthy Aging

I just did a five-minute audio recording for a good friend of mine, Teresa Maron, as part of her program, Spiritual Adventures for Today’s Wise Woman. She asked if I could give her audience a few tips on how to … Continue reading

Stress Beat Happiness Almost Every Time Because We Allow It To

Happiness extends our longevity. What can we do to improve our happiness? A few examples are: ● Don’t let others control your emotions ● Be grateful for what we have ● Maintain balance in life ● Have a positive attitude … Continue reading