Six Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Many things are known to cause high blood pressure. In some cases, it is probably caused by a combination of factors. Drugs treat a specific pathway. Over time, drug dosage or the type of drug is changed because it may … Continue reading

Taking Low-Dose Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attack or Stroke???

Doctors have advised their patients to take low-dose aspirin daily to prevent a first heart attack or stroke. I saw a headline this morning as I was searching for current health topics. One headline suggested that daily low-dose aspirin might … Continue reading

An Unexpected Result in Alzheimer’s Testing May Result in New Blood Pressure Drug

Over one hundred million Americans have high blood pressure (hypertension) that is their systolic blood pressure is above 130 mm Hg, or their diastolic blood pressure is over 80 mm Hg – Just a few years ago, high blood … Continue reading

Is the Real Cause of Adverse Side Effects Something Other Than the Vaccine?

Stress affects all of us. Some deal with it quickly. Others have difficulties. Could the anticipation of the vaccine or virus cause a stress reaction that escalates during the inoculation process and manifests itself immediately after that? Some medical researchers … Continue reading

Why Is It So Hard to Get Accurate Deaths from Pandemic Vaccines?

Remember when COVID-19 was the reason for death for a person who died after an automobile accident and spent a couple of days in the hospital. The patient tested positive for coronavirus and subsequently died. Therefore, according to CDC guidelines, … Continue reading

220 Dangerous Hand Sanitizer Products Banned by FDA

The FDA identified and recalled three more hand sanitizers that contain dangerous chemicals. The list of banned hand sanitizers was started in June 2020 and has grown to over 220 products. Voluntary Recall Three new hand sanitizer products contain … Continue reading

What Makes Moderna’s mRNA Vaccine Different?

Both Pfizer and Moderna use messenger RNA (mRNA) to deliver information to the immune system. The message carried describes the molecular structure of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. When the spike of a coronavirus enters the host’s cell, the … Continue reading

What are the Side Effects of the Coronavirus Vaccine?

Thousands of COVID-19 vaccines have been rolled out to the public in the past week or so. A few, very few people have reported side effects. What are they? COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects The most common side effects of … Continue reading

Vaccine Reaction Problems on First Day in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom started with problems on the first day of vaccinating people for COVID-19. Two people are reported as having serious side effects. Vaccine Headline Two people had adverse allergic reactions to the Pfizer-BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine in England. … Continue reading

Blood Clot Drug Stops Coronavirus from Growing

Coronavirus molecules enter our bodies and spread. Within 24 hours, the virus has spread exponentially. We might be able to stop the virus from entering a cell, but it looks like an existing drug might be able to stop it … Continue reading