Coronavirus Detection the Same with Nasal and Saliva

Several testing protocols have been done evaluating mouth swabs, nasal swabs, saliva (spit), and mouth rinses. The sensitivity and accuracy of spitting in a cup are nearly equal to nasal swabs and superior to testing mouth rinses. Rinsing the mouth … Continue reading

Virus Test that Accurate?

Six million Americans have had COVID-19. Almost three-and-a-half million have recovered. Sixty-one thousand people have severe symptoms. Three thousand people out of one million in the United States have the disease. One hundred eighty-four thousand have died from the virus. … Continue reading

Two Easy Things to Improve Your Health Today

Our health begins with the foods we eat. Nutritional absorption of food begins in your mouth. The amount of saliva you mix with your food before swallowing determines how much of that food will be absorbed later in your body. … Continue reading