On Any Given Day Somewhere in the World Problems Are Escalating

When the pandemic started, we heard daily stories of the horror in Italy and then other countries. Not that long ago, India was ravaged with a new variant. Some countries have controlled the spread temporarily only to see it come … Continue reading

Massive Russian Coronavirus Vaccination to Start Next Week

Coronavirus vaccines are being approved in the United States and the United Kingdom. Russia is joining the ranks of countries with approved vaccines for COVID-19. Russian Announcement https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/putin-orders-large-scale-covid-19-vaccination-russia-74506020 Russian President Vladimir Putin declared today that he has issued an order … Continue reading

Blood Clot Drug Stops Coronavirus from Growing

Coronavirus molecules enter our bodies and spread. Within 24 hours, the virus has spread exponentially. We might be able to stop the virus from entering a cell, but it looks like an existing drug might be able to stop it … Continue reading

Realities of Foreign Coronavirus Vaccine

Russia and China have coronavirus vaccines that they are selling to other countries. Are they safe and do they work? That remains to be seen. Russian Vaccine (https://abcn.ws/2RN63cD) A month ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the release of Sputnik … Continue reading