Why Are We Gambling with Our Health Daily?

Gambling means that we take risky actions for the desired result. What is the desired outcome for our health? It is not having someone change your diaper for the last five or ten years of your life. It is about … Continue reading

Having a Bullet-Proof Mindset May be Hazardous to Your Health and Others

Everything we see and hear is that the vaccine is the best protection against becoming infected with coronavirus. This was probably very sound advice several months ago. And, it is still good advice for a couple of months after you … Continue reading

The Risks of Coronary Heart Disease

Sometimes we hear about the elephant in the room that nobody talks about. What if that elephant is sitting on your chest? That is one of the key tips people are told when they are experiencing major heart issues. They … Continue reading

220 Dangerous Hand Sanitizer Products Banned by FDA

The FDA identified and recalled three more hand sanitizers that contain dangerous chemicals. The list of banned hand sanitizers was started in June 2020 and has grown to over 220 products. Voluntary Recall https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/sanitizers-recalled-fda-methanol?fbclid=IwAR2OHcWGsgkD4JclJRIVwtPh5tDozsgzpLJiDxKLQNeDYN1pjVrShn77i8I Three new hand sanitizer products contain … Continue reading

Pandemic Freedom by the Summer of 2021?

Dr. Fauci announced yesterday that the “Umbrella of Protection” is possible by the summer of 2021. Can you believe it? In six or seven months, the pandemic will be an afterthought? I do not believe it. Umbrella of Protection https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20201223/fauci-umbrella-of-protection-possible-by-summer … Continue reading

Realities of Foreign Coronavirus Vaccine

Russia and China have coronavirus vaccines that they are selling to other countries. Are they safe and do they work? That remains to be seen. Russian Vaccine (https://abcn.ws/2RN63cD) A month ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the release of Sputnik … Continue reading

Can Social Distancing Solve Coronavirus Spread?

I’ve been asked by several friends recently what my expectations were of ending the quarantine and getting back to work as it used to be. I am not a physician, nor do I work for any pharmaceutical companies. I am … Continue reading

What is Your Biggest Mistake in Life?

We all make mistakes. Some of us learn from them and don’t repeat them too many times. As we get older, there are some mistakes that we can’t recover from easily – finances and health are two. I believe that … Continue reading

What is the Hardest Thing You Do Every Day?

What is the hardest thing you do daily? Some might think working and raising a family. Others might offer the daily routine to maintain excellence in a sport. Still others might state that their study to surpass others in the … Continue reading