A 24-Hour Fast Results in More Health Benefits Than First Expected

Fasting can lower inflammation, resting heart rate, and blood pressure while increasing insulin sensitivity. Fasting, intermittent fasting, or extended fasting can lead to weight control and improve cardiovascular and brain health. It may even promote cancer prevention. What about fasting … Continue reading

Do You Really Lose When You Snooze?

Most of us have heard the expression, “When you snooze, you lose!” Translated loosely, when a person does not pay attention or do something quickly, another person will do it instead and reap the rewards for taking advantage of the … Continue reading

Exercise is Great, However…

We should schedule rest for our bodies after exercise. Rest, specifically quality sleep, allows our bodies to repair any damage that exercise might have done. We need to allow more time for our muscles to recover as we age. Most … Continue reading

The Quality of Sleep Determines Your Health and Longevity

Sleep is interesting, in that everyone sleeps, but some benefit more from it than others. In the context of sleep and longevity, we must agree that the term, ‘sleep’, means quality sleep. Quality sleep means that you fall asleep reasonably … Continue reading