Could the United States be as Successful with Combatting the Pandemic as India with Antiviral Pills?

The United States has relied on vaccines to fight coronavirus. By many measures, it has been a successful campaign with over 212 million vaccinated. Around 55% have both doses of vaccine, and another 10% have had a single dose. … Continue reading

FDA and WHO Conflicted on Coronavirus Drug

This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that Remdesivir is no longer recommended as a treatment for COVID-19. Rationale A panel of experts analyzed COVID-19 treatment results from four randomized trials covering over 7,000 hospitalized patients. They stated … Continue reading

Three More Existing Drugs Recommended for Coronavirus Clinical Trials

Sometimes a drug that was approved for a specific disease might be also effective in treating another disorder. Over 4,000 approved drugs are being screened to determine if there might be one (or more) that could be effective in treating … Continue reading

Another Over the Counter COVID-19 Drug?

Everyone is happy when a person can get out of the hospital a day earlier than planned. This is particularly important when patients have severe cases of COVID-19. Study Results Released This Week This week, the results of an Eli … Continue reading

Antiviral Drug Effective Against COVID-19

Recent news about successful hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) treatments has been treated with disgust, disdain, and disbelief. Why? The stated reason is that there is no science to back up those claims. 350 out of 350 HCQ treatments without a recorded death … Continue reading

What Else is There Beside Vaccines for COVID-19?

Most medicines, vaccines included, take years to develop and test. Not all drugs qualify for human use. Antiviral drugs are being tested to treat COVID-19. Antiviral drugs must be timely because viruses grow quickly in the body, and they mutate … Continue reading