Could the United States be as Successful with Combatting the Pandemic as India with Antiviral Pills?

The United States has relied on vaccines to fight coronavirus. By many measures, it has been a successful campaign with over 212 million vaccinated. Around 55% have both doses of vaccine, and another 10% have had a single dose. … Continue reading

How Can the Healthiest Man on the Plant Become Infected with the Pandemic Virus?

I have always considered myself to be the healthiest man in any room I walk into. By all measures, I should never have been infected. But that horse has left the barn. How did I get infected? I have no … Continue reading

What Options Can You Have if Someone in Your Home Gets Infected?

Most of the time, a person without coronavirus symptoms, asymptomatic, can infect others. It happens more than we think. However, once you know a person tests positive for COVID-19, what can you do? Sick at Home? The obvious thing … Continue reading

Reducing Viral Levels and Improving Symptoms of Coronavirus by Combining Antibodies

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals announced this past week that they have developed an experimental two-antibody cocktail that works well for COVID-19 patients recovering at home under quarantine. Antibody Antibodies respond to foreign invaders in our bodies – viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Antigens … Continue reading