Survived the Virus – Now What?

I was blessed recently to have contracted the pandemic virus and survived with very mild symptoms – cough and fatigue. My wife and I received monoclonal antibody treatment quickly, and the recovery was complete in about ten days or so. … Continue reading

Major Breakthrough in Treatment of Severe Coronavirus Symptoms?

The SARS-CoV-2 virus creates severe upper respiratory symptoms in some patients. Why? We do not know, but the result of an abnormal response of the immune system creates a cytokine storm that increases medical problems and mortality rates. Cytokine Storm … Continue reading

One Symptom Not to Ignore About Coronavirus Infection

Most of us are under quarantine or some form of modified house arrest. We probably won’t bump into a carrier of coronavirus. We would not know if we did. Breathing is enough to catch the disease. Facemasks help with the … Continue reading

Losing and Gaining Weight Have a Lot in Common

Why do some people find it so difficult to lose weight? Is it due to an eating disorder? Or, is it something so complex that it is impossible to solve? Causes of eating disorders Eating disorders are more complex than … Continue reading

How Now Brown Cow

A friend of mine showed me an article yesterday indicating that 16% of American adults believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Why? Because we were told that by our parents. We believe things from authority figures in our lives. We … Continue reading

Cardiovascular Improvement by Running and Sprinting

The Basics:  What are the quick essentials to improving your cardiovascular health? Running builds endurance, but it doesn’t build your cardiovascular health as well as sprinting. Sprinting challenges your heart muscles to accelerate to full activity and then relax.  By … Continue reading