Want To Write a Book and Cannot Get Started?

I write and publish books, primarily for new authors. I got a chat message during a Zoom networking event this morning. One of the attendees wanted to connect with me after the Zoom meeting. We exchanged contact information and set … Continue reading

If I Had a Hammer, I Could Write!

Yesterday, I was invited to a video conference for a ten-minute presentation on the Nonfiction Authors Association’s Houston Chapter. (https://nonfictionauthorsassociation.com/) I am the current chapter chairman. A small group of writers was gathered to learn about the business of writing … Continue reading

A Conundrum of not Commuting during the Coronavirus War

Are you spending your time wisely under voluntary quarantine? I don’t ask that question lightly. There is a portion of us who are working from home because of the coronavirus. We may have to be in ‘working mode’ from 8 … Continue reading

Will You Have Regerts?

There is a television commercial sponsored by Milky Way. A tattoo artist is distracted by a Milky Way candy bar while tattooing a man’s arm. The tattoo should say, No Regrets. But, it says, No Regerts. We get distracted by … Continue reading