What About Persistent Viral Symptoms That Last for Months?

Most people become infected with coronavirus and recover in ten to twelve days. Most of those have no symptoms, or they are very mild. What happens when a few people have mild to moderate symptoms for weeks or even months? … Continue reading

Post Coronavirus Recovery – What Helps?

I read a story today conducted by the St. James’s Hospital and Trinity Translational Medicine Institute, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, and fatigue appearing in half of those recovering from COVID-19. Fatigue was diagnosed on both ends of the COVID-19 spectrum … Continue reading

Disease – 6 Pathways You Must Know About

I use the word ‘stride’ as my reminder for each of the ways a disease starts in the body. Each letter stands for a different pathway. Our bodies fight off the invaders, but sometimes we allow things in our control … Continue reading

Prevent and Reverse Cancers?

Preventing cancer is easier than reversing it. Once cancer has taken root in our bodies, the ability to get rid of it without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation is low. But what options might we have? I have asked several doctors … Continue reading

Fatigue Free in 48 Hours After Months of Chemo and Weeks of Radiation

Fatigue affects many of us. It can be caused by overwork, poor sleep, worry, boredom, or lack of exercise. It might even be caused by illness, medicine, anxiety, lack of exercise, or depression. Fatigue can be treated with over-the-counter pain … Continue reading

Chronic Fatigue Part Two

Fatigue, like high blood pressure and headaches, has many causes. Toxin overload causing burn-out is one. Poor blood supply is another. Infections and inflammation are another. Fatigue is also a common side effect of many prescription medicines. My wife had … Continue reading

What Can You Do to Help Treat/Prevent Cancer?

I responded recently to a friend about her cancer and her future. I strongly suggested that once a tumor has been removed the likelihood of recurrence is high if you don’t change anything in your lifestyle. Something caused a cancer … Continue reading