Seven Ways to Shape Up and Slow Down Brain Aging

Our brains age daily, incrementally, of course. However, inevitable brain aging can be addressed with simple lifestyle changes. Keeping your brain healthy longer is key to an enjoyable retirement. Brain Aging What are some common symptoms of an aging … Continue reading

What About Persistent Viral Symptoms That Last for Months?

Most people become infected with coronavirus and recover in ten to twelve days. Most of those have no symptoms, or they are very mild. What happens when a few people have mild to moderate symptoms for weeks or even months? … Continue reading

Health is Also a Matter of Eating Correctly

I am not a vegan or vegetarian. I have a lifestyle that embraces the Wahls Protocol – balanced nutrition, stress management, toxins awareness and removal, and exercise. Dr. Terry Wahls is a physician who developed multiple sclerosis (MS) late in … Continue reading

Can You Catch Coronavirus Twice?

We are seeing the occasional headline that this country or another is having a resurgence of coronavirus with people who have already had the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) says they don’t have enough information to understand what is … Continue reading

Balanced Nutrition – The Basis of Great Health

Dr. Terry Wahls in a doctor. She came down with a very progressive case of multiple sclerosis late in life. No matter what regimens the doctors prescribed, her symptoms continued to get worse. She eventually ended up in a wheelchair … Continue reading