Is the Hard-Line ‘Zero Infection’ Approach the Best Method?

“Pay me now or pay me later, but pay me you will” was a famous 1970 Fram oil filter slogan. I believe that the same applies to our pandemic. But, unfortunately, hiding from the virus now and the virus will … Continue reading

American Military Declining Vaccine Against a Disease with 99.7% Survival Rate, Surprising?

I was in the United States Navy for over 31 years and retired more than 20 years ago. I got an invitation to go to Vietnam at the beginning of my career and spent four-plus years on active duty. After … Continue reading

Minimize Coronavirus Quarantine When Traveling to the United Kingdom

Travel has fascinated me as far back as I can remember. I think it was the 1961 song by Ricky Nelson, Travelin’ Man, that set the hook. I have been to 61 countries in the world, mostly thanks to the … Continue reading

Second Wave a Tsunami or Ripple?

Health professionals and scientists are predicting a second wave of COVID-19 infections this winter. Why? Since the 1700s, nearly every pandemic has had a serious reinfection period starting approximately six months after the pandemic started. Second Wave Fear? We … Continue reading

Higher COVID-19 Cases Can Yield Fewer Deaths

Dr. Tom Frieden is the former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He expects a lower death rate with record numbers of new COVID-19 The good news is they are healthy and will have mild to … Continue reading

COVID-19 Change in Infection Method

We have been led to believe that COVID-19 is spread by people who do not have symptoms. Symptoms appear from the second to the eleventh day with most having symptoms on day five. Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove is head of … Continue reading

Quick COVID-19 Update on the USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier

Earlier this year, the United States Navy aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt was deployed to the Pacific Ocean. While at sea, several members were diagnosed with COVID-19. The aircraft carrier was ordered to Guam and docked on March 26th and the … Continue reading

A Quick COVID-19 Update on Sweden

Sweden took a different tack with mandatory quarantine for COVID-19. As such, they were the exception in Europe. The population of Sweden is a bit over 10 million people. Time will tell whether herd immunity is working better in Sweden … Continue reading

Quarantine is Not What Happens to You!

Stress is compounded in people when they do not recognize that a stressor is affecting them. It is also a problem when they recognize they are stressed, and they will not let it go. It is not what happens to … Continue reading

The Secret to being Happy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I remember reading a story about the Danes being the happiest people on earth. They are active people, generally married, and healthier than their neighbors. They live their lives in the present tense – today. The Danes’ expectations of the … Continue reading