Is Today a Good Day to Die – Or Enter the Hospital?

It is funny how things flow in and out of our brains. Some days you might get a lyric in your brain that refuses to leave. Another day, a line from a movie might be every present – “I’m gonna … Continue reading

Is there truth to losing weight by eating more?

Atkins, Keto, South Beach, and more diets have popped up over the years. Some work for some people. However, is your goal wrong? If your goal is to lose weight, then a diet might be the answer. How many people … Continue reading

When Should You Take Control of Your Own Health?

Beginning 2010, I wrote a blog about a woman who gave up on the medical community’s opinions and recommendations and took control of her own future health. She had been in a wheel chair for several years. She hated every day. … Continue reading

Myth Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure?

Benjamin Franklin made this heading statement referencing fire safety. However, it is applicable to most anything. If you can prevent a bad thing from happening, it is worth it. But, what about our health. Our health and wellness economy lives … Continue reading

How Now Brown Cow

A friend of mine showed me an article yesterday indicating that 16% of American adults believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Why? Because we were told that by our parents. We believe things from authority figures in our lives. We … Continue reading

Continuing Education Should Apply to Everyone

Continuing education is typically provided to adults after they have left their formal education system (high school, college, etc.). Most of the time it is a short course (couple of days or more); or, something that occurs with conferences or … Continue reading