Is the Real Cause of Adverse Side Effects Something Other Than the Vaccine?

Stress affects all of us. Some deal with it quickly. Others have difficulties. Could the anticipation of the vaccine or virus cause a stress reaction that escalates during the inoculation process and manifests itself immediately after that? Some medical researchers … Continue reading

A Blood Test Can Diagnose Depression and Bipolar Disorder

I believe we all know people who currently have depression or bipolar disorder. When they are on their medicines, they appear as normal as most other people we know. It is hard to notice anything out of the ordinary. However, … Continue reading

Psychological vs Physical Stress, Which is Worse?

All of us are stressed daily. It is something nearly impossible to avoid. Divorce, marriage, children, work, and money are the most common stressors people face. Juggling job requirements, family priorities, money crises, career advancement, educational concerns, elderly care worries … Continue reading

Psychological Stress and Longevity

Psychological stress causes cells to divide more quickly. Those with psychological stress typically have shorter telomeres. This group includes those with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), those suffering early childhood emotional trauma, battered women, female caregivers, and post-menopausal women. Physical … Continue reading