The Delta Variant is Causing an Upswelling in Demand for Pandemic Virus Checks

I noticed two articles today about testing for COVID-19. One talks about two types of tests, and the other spoke about home test kits flying off the shelves. Types of COVID-19 Tests Many tests can be used to detect … Continue reading

Are the mRNA Vaccines Really Safe?

Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines to combat the coronavirus. The question in many minds is about their safety. I am concerned about genetic modifications to our DNA and RNA. Does the vaccine alter our DNA? It is … Continue reading

To Eat It Or Not

I spoke at a networking meeting yesterday on longevity. I presented two major causes of aging and what can be done to accelerate or decelerate the aging processes. Questions covered aging and other aspects of health and wellness. One question … Continue reading

Changing Today Can Lead to a Better 2017

I’ve been told that 300 words are ideal for a blog. I strive for that, but it doesn’t always work well. Keeping with my theme and 300-word limit, here we go again. I mentioned balanced nutrition and restricted calories yesterday. … Continue reading

What Options Do You Have to Eat Healthy Every Day?

I blogged yesterday about a typical fast food meal and the potential health risks associated with it. Are there other options? Certainly! Am an advocate for restricted calories and balanced nutrition. A restricted calorie lifestyle has been shown to lengthen … Continue reading