Do the Benefits of a Power Nap Add Value to Your Health?

I just finished an eight-minute nap less than an hour ago. It was 3:30ish in the afternoon when I awoke. It is not uncommon for me to take short naps two or three times a week. Many people want to … Continue reading

Vitamin D to Improve Aging Health

Vitamin D recommendations for a healthy body will never get you there. The 800 IUs of vitamin D is not enough to help. Why do I say that? Vitamin D Recommendations,for%20people%20over%2070%20years. Recommends 400 IUs (International Units) for children under … Continue reading

Are You Really in Control of Your Health?

A while back, before everyone was required to be under house arrest for this global pandemic, I was standing in line at my local burger joint, Whataburger. I will tell anyone upfront that I have been a fan of Whataburger … Continue reading

Are You in Charge of Your Health?

Most doctors rely on drugs as the first option for treatment.  Drugs are my last option for treatment.  I look at the side effects and say – “No, Thank You!”  I am responsible for my health – not my doctor. … Continue reading