Positively Half-Full or Totally Full

What do you say when someone asks you, “How are you doing?”  I always respond, “Excellent, as always!”  I say it loudly and emphatically.  Then, I ask how they are doing.  I rarely get a response that is equal to … Continue reading

Supercharge and Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind with these Steroid Options

As most of you already know, your subconscious mind contains every memory you have ever had, plus every imagination you ever dreamed. Our past is typically filled with a lot of garbage and negativity – unintentionally filled by people trying … Continue reading

The Best, Easiest and Cheapest Medicine

I’ve been wearing more smiles today than normal. I don’t know exactly why. I see something and the memory reminds me of something and I instantly erupt in a full smile. We cannot have a negative thought and a positive … Continue reading