Just How Accurate Are Those Rapid Test Kits Anyway?

Testing for COVID-19 has taken many twists and turns over nearly the past two years. A new virus showed up on our doorstep, and we had no method to detect or combat it. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) molecular tests are … Continue reading

The Delta Variant is Causing an Upswelling in Demand for Pandemic Virus Checks

I noticed two articles today about testing for COVID-19. One talks about two types of tests, and the other spoke about home test kits flying off the shelves. Types of COVID-19 Tests https://www.newsmax.com/health/health-news/covid-test-antigen-molecular/2021/08/25/id/1033755/. Many tests can be used to detect … Continue reading

The Gold Standard PCR Testing is Being Discontinued in Less Than Six Months

Many of us have had tests for COVID-19. Maybe you had the swab in the nose test or possibly a blood test. A diagnostic test determines if you currently have a disease. A serology test provides results of antibodies from … Continue reading

Losing Our Minds with Test Results?

Are we losing our minds with rapt attention to the test results? I noticed a headline today that stated one in twenty-two people in the United States has tested positive for COVID-19. What does that really mean? Testing Reality https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/12/08/covid-news-britain-vaccine-wyoming-california-donald-trump/6481339002/ … Continue reading

Testing More Often Can Eradicate Diseases

I would feel comfortable if a coronavirus test were negative before leaving on a trip for Thanksgiving. I would feel ecstatic if two tests yielded the same result. What if one test came back positive and the other negative? Several … Continue reading

Virus Test that Accurate?

Six million Americans have had COVID-19. Almost three-and-a-half million have recovered. Sixty-one thousand people have severe symptoms. Three thousand people out of one million in the United States have the disease. One hundred eighty-four thousand have died from the virus. … Continue reading