Normal Life Restarting in New Zealand by Major Shift in Focus

Around ten days ago, I reported that Ireland and Norway were returning to everyday life – New Zealand has announced that they are no longer pursuing a plan for the complete eradication of COVID-19. New Zealand has had a … Continue reading

COVID-19 Vaccine Update (End of June 2020)

Vaccines are supposed to protect you before you are exposed to a specific virus. The vaccine trains your immune system to recognize and attack the virus upon encountering it. A vaccinated person is protected from the virus and cannot pass … Continue reading

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later COVID19 Thinking?

Why do some states relax restrictions on bars and restaurants and other states do not? I live in Texas, near Houston. Yesterday, the governor ordered a halt to elective surgeries to ensure adequate space of new COVID-19 patients. All other … Continue reading

Too Much COVID-19 Testing Bad for America?

Daily, we hear of this state or that city recording record numbers of new COVID-19 cases. We are never told the commensurate numbers of new hospitalizations or daily deaths attributed to COVID-19 though. Now, there is a media shift from … Continue reading