Personal Pandemic Preparation Plan

Seasonal influenza attacks us every year. Do we need a plan? Probably not! What about the next pandemic, or COVID-19 Part 2? If you had a personal or family plan in January of this year, would you have been ahead … Continue reading

Supercharge Your Personal Productivity

Number One – Plan in advance.  Have tomorrow’s plan tonight before you go to bed.  Write your ‘must do’ projects that can be accomplished tomorrow.  These do not have to be completed projects, but something that you know if you dedicated … Continue reading

How Do You Measure It?

It can mean a lot of things – prosperity, success, happiness, health, performance, progress, etc. Some things are simple – height and weight. Hard to argue with the actual numbers. They might not be what you want, but they are … Continue reading

“I Will” – Does Not Compute

I mentioned ‘sleep’ in yesterday’s blog. Sleep is necessary for us to fully recover from each day’s trials and tribulations. However, many of us don’t get the sleep we need each night. It varies for each one of us. Saying … Continue reading