Who is Most Likely to Become Infected During Your Day?

The DELTA Variant has a lot of people concerned, and they should be. Vaccines do not prevent you from becoming infected; however, they reduce the severity of the symptoms, the risk of going to a hospital, and the risk of … Continue reading

What Are the Odds You Can Catch the Virus After Being Vaccinated?

So, you avoided coronavirus for over a year. You just got your two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Now, is there anything to worry about? Can I give up my face mask and return to normal? Can I catch coronavirus … Continue reading

Removing State Mandate for Face Masks – Good Idea or Not?

Yesterday, the governor of Texas announced the removal of the state mandate for wearing face masks starting on March 10, 2021. He delegated that responsibility to business owners. It is the decision of the business owner to require face masks. … Continue reading

Reasons Why North Dakota Leads in Coronavirus Deaths

North Dakota is leading the nation in coronavirus deaths per 100,000 people. New COVID-19 cases were at 200 per day or less through the middle of August. Since the middle of August, the trend of new has been upward rapidly … Continue reading