Vaccinated People Fear the Unvaccinated, or Is It the Other Way Around?

Most of us assume that when we are vaccinated against the pandemic virus or any disease, we should have high immunity levels. The clinical trials for the first couple of COVID-19 vaccines demonstrated around 95% effectiveness. What Is 95% Vaccine … Continue reading

Are We Creating a Problem When There Might Not Be a Problem?

The United States has a program that tries to anticipate the next major coronavirus variant that has the capability of negating the effectiveness of current COVID-19 vaccines. This is a noble cause! I applaud it. However, who decides there is … Continue reading

Pandemic Vaccine Suspended in 16 European Countries

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been put on hold in Europe and other countries. Germany is the latest country to halt the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine. The Problem A few dozen people have developed blood clots out of over 17 … Continue reading

Panic Attacks!

With a pandemic, election-year politics, protests, self-quarantine, job disruptions, empty sports stadiums, kids may or may not go back to school, bars closed, and other cultural aspects in turmoil, panic attacks can happen. Would you recognize one? What can you … Continue reading

Stressed by News Headlines About COVID19?

News headlines affect people differently. Some ignore them. Others panic. Stress is our reaction, mental and emotional, to tensions, changes, or challenges from people and events around us. Stress from news headlines affects our health It is what we decide … Continue reading

Pandemic Preparation, Prevention, & Panic

South Korea and the United States reported its first case of COVID-19 on the same day. South Korea went into a massive testing program to identify the infected and to segregate and treat them. The United States has no effective … Continue reading

Wrong Numbers Being Reported on Coronavirus?

The media loves to report doom, gloom, fear, and panic. And, people react to it. It sells. When you get a steady diet of fear and panic day after day, many of us tend to tune out. I see a … Continue reading