The Value of Diets versus Lifestyles for Long-Term Health

A health headline in today’s news captured my attention. It stated, “Intermittent fasting sheds more weight, but Mediterranean still healthier overall, study claims.” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study of diets and concluded that IF (intermittent fasting) … Continue reading

Atkins vs Paleo vs Keto vs Wahls

My wife eliminated months of chemotherapy drug induced fatigue in 48 hours with only the dietary portion of the Wahls Protocol. She started this new nourishment regimen on the first day of her radiation therapy. Two days into radiation therapy … Continue reading

AGEs and Aging – It’s Not What You Think

Nutrition is critical for health. I advocate balanced nutrition with minimal caloric intake combined with intermittent fasting. It gives you the best of most aspects of health. Keeping your body in an alkaline state enhances it even more. Anytime we … Continue reading