Nearly 90% of People Die from Widowmaker Heart Attack

The left anterior descending artery (LAD) supplies most of the blood to your heart. When plaque blocks the LAD, blood flow stops, and a heart attack can be eminent. Widowmaker is a term used to describe a heart attack that … Continue reading

Age and Memory are Not Related

Most of us expect to lose a bit of our memory as we grow older. Some people can have memory issues as they age. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are not going away, nor do we have a vaccine to prevent … Continue reading

The Truth About Coronavirus Lung Damage

We know that some people with severe COVID-19 complications end up on ventilators. Early in the pandemic, most of them never survived. Much has been learned about how to treat patients with severe complications from COVID-19. Lung damage concerns have … Continue reading

Nitric Oxide – Another Arrow in the Quiver to Treat Coronavirus

Some of us hear the term nitric oxide and we think of the laughing gas that dentists use to calm their patients. Nitric oxide (formula NO) is not what the dentist uses. It is nitrous oxide (formula N2O). I have … Continue reading

Are Face Masks Robbing You of Oxygen?

I find myself constricted sometimes wearing a face mask. It seems that I am not getting all the oxygen I need. The moment I cross the doorway leading out of a store requiring masks, I remove it and take in … Continue reading

Breathing Is Not What You Think

Years ago I changed my running regime from slow, long distance jogging to explosive sprints – run as hard as I can for as long as I can – then recover and do it over and over again. I believe … Continue reading

Healthcare Planning Made Simple

Healthcare is not referring to insurance in this discussion. Healthcare consists of those lifestyle choices you make daily. Good decisions usually leave you better than bad ones. However, accidents, disease, and heredity can ruin your plans. What is the best … Continue reading

Simple as Breathing

I have a friend who told me recently that he has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. It is a disease of the lungs. The tissues deep in the lung become hard and scarred. No one knows what causes it. And, no one … Continue reading

That One Thing for Good Health

What is that one piece of advice, if taken, would make your life healthier? I was asked this question recently. I could not answer it quickly. There are three or four things that I continually recommend to everyone – balanced … Continue reading

Blog Breathing is a Lost Art

People who know how to breathe are never sick a day in their lives.  It is because the more oxygen you get into your bloodstream, the less likely bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. can survive to impact your health.  Most of … Continue reading