Dietary Choices and Bone Fractures Have This in Common

Our lifestyle choices affect our health. I am an advocate of balanced nutrition, caloric restriction, fasting, and maintaining an alkaline body environment. Additionally, routine exercise (all types), toxin avoidance, and daily stress management provide a higher propensity for a long … Continue reading

The Truth About Coronavirus Lung Damage

We know that some people with severe COVID-19 complications end up on ventilators. Early in the pandemic, most of them never survived. Much has been learned about how to treat patients with severe complications from COVID-19. Lung damage concerns have … Continue reading

Third Coronavirus Vaccine Does Not Work Like a Vaccine

We expect vaccines to protect us from a disease, regardless of whether it is COVID-19 or measles. AstraZeneca published a report today stating that their vaccine, ChAdOx1 nCov-2019, does not protect as expected from COVID-19, but boosts the immune system … Continue reading