Can Past Performance Guarantee Future Success?

We usually hear that past performance cannot guarantee future success when the topic is finance. However, that same advice could be accurate for our health as well. What about those people who know why something happens and act accordingly to … Continue reading

Study Supporting Sunscreen and Shade to Prevent Osteoporosis Is Wrong

More people are protecting themselves from exposure to sunlight to prevent skin cancers. Does that prevention increase the risk of reducing bone density? JAMA Study Studies can prove almost anything you want if you structure them appropriately. When I … Continue reading

Is a Ketogenic Diet Safe for Healthy Longevity?

Keto diets seem to be the rage nowadays. Some people have transition issues from a blood glucose-based energy system to relying on fat for energy. Regardless, some things about this type of diet – low carb and high fat/protein – … Continue reading

How Fast Can You Start Burning Fat?

We have been taught to eat three meals daily – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some nutritionists advocate eating four, five, or more small meals throughout the day. How does this factor into losing weight, but, more importantly, into losing fat? … Continue reading

Not Eating Improves Health?

Fasting has been with us for centuries. Fasting is abstaining from all or some types of foods and drinks. There are many types of fasts and many reasons people choose not to eat. Most fasts are done one to three … Continue reading

The Quicksand of Life

Movies portray quicksand as a monster that sucks people into the mire and muck. Sand (also silt or clay) can become liquefied under certain conditions. There comes the point where friction between sand molecules cannot support any weight. Very few … Continue reading

Warning – Guaranteed 100% Mortality

Yes, everything we do, good or bad, results in 100% mortality in our lives. The difference is how well we enjoy our lives. I spoke briefly at a business luncheon today. I did a little health test with the participants … Continue reading

To Eat It Or Not

I spoke at a networking meeting yesterday on longevity. I presented two major causes of aging and what can be done to accelerate or decelerate the aging processes. Questions covered aging and other aspects of health and wellness. One question … Continue reading

The Truth About Atkins Diet You Don’t Know

I went on the Atkins Diet in the mid-90’s. I read five books on it before I decided to try it. It seemed safe enough and I was in excellent health – just a few more pounds that I wanted … Continue reading

The Unknown Risk of a Low-Carbohydrate Diet

I mentioned that low carbohydrate diets have risks. I read five books on Atkins before going on that diet in the mid-90’s. I lost lots of weight and kept it off for years. I loved eating meat, eggs, cheese and … Continue reading