Could the United States be as Successful with Combatting the Pandemic as India with Antiviral Pills?

The United States has relied on vaccines to fight coronavirus. By many measures, it has been a successful campaign with over 212 million vaccinated. Around 55% have both doses of vaccine, and another 10% have had a single dose. … Continue reading

Three Simple, Easy Suggestions to Combat Weight Gain During the Pandemic

My next-door neighbor’s mother-in-law passed away last month. She was 61 years of age. She died from complications of type II diabetes. My neighbor said she loved her food and would not alter her eating habits. Forty years ago, diabetics … Continue reading

What We Don’t Know

There is a lot of information available to those who seek it, regardless of the topic. How do we separate fact from fiction? Fiction is akin to fake news. We assume it to be true because of the source. We … Continue reading

Our Bottom Line for Personal Improvement is Action

The bottom line of businesses is to make a profit.  Businesses want to increase their bottom line each year.  They want to be able to take advantage of opportunities when they occur.  How does that apply to you personally?  I believe each … Continue reading

Where Do You Start With Food Choices?

What is important when selecting foods? Natural and healthy come to mind first. That implies raw – no containers or processing. In reality, that limits our choices to fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables should be the mainstay of almost … Continue reading

Who or What is Your Source?

We all have favorites. Some of us might like a particular football team or other sports team. Some of us prefer entertainers – music, film, television, etc. Some of us prefer to get our news from certain sources – television, … Continue reading

Ready to Rock n Roll Your Health in 2017

I did some research into the term ‘rock and roll’. It’s meant a few things from ‘dancing and having sex’ to today’s meaning of ‘getting started’. Why wait till January 1st of next year to begin? It takes 21-30 days … Continue reading

What Options Do You Have to Eat Healthy Every Day?

I blogged yesterday about a typical fast food meal and the potential health risks associated with it. Are there other options? Certainly! Am an advocate for restricted calories and balanced nutrition. A restricted calorie lifestyle has been shown to lengthen … Continue reading