Vitamin D Improves Health in Those with Normal Body Weight but Not Those Overweight – Why?

Last week a study was published online in the JAMA Network Open. The researchers compared the health benefits of vitamin D in two groups – normal weight and those overweight/obese. The 2019 Vitamin D and Omega-3 Trial (VITAL) was … Continue reading

Seven Ways to Shape Up and Slow Down Brain Aging

Our brains age daily, incrementally, of course. However, inevitable brain aging can be addressed with simple lifestyle changes. Keeping your brain healthy longer is key to an enjoyable retirement. Brain Aging What are some common symptoms of an aging … Continue reading

How Stress Affects More Than Your Waistline

We have more receptors to store fat from cortisol, the stress hormone, around our bellies than anywhere else in our bodies. Cortisol loves to store fat. A little fat does not impact your health or longevity. A little bit more … Continue reading

Is Overweight the New Target to Reduce Coronavirus Deaths?

I noticed a headline today about being overweight increases the mortality rate for coronavirus. The Fox News article stated that 71% of Americans are overweight and are now considered to be high-risk for severe illness and death because of it. … Continue reading

The Elephant in the Room with Vaccines

Several companies around the world are nearly on the cusp of having a COVID-19 vaccine. Many believe this is what we need to return to a normal life. The COVID-19 vaccine will stop the spread and save lives! We know … Continue reading

What is Unique About New York’s Coronavirus Patients

I saw an article today about unique health issues for New Yorkers with coronavirus. The vast majority (94%) of those hospitalized had more than one health issue according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Over half of … Continue reading

Can You Handle the Truth? (Or, do you want people to lie to you?)

Code Red! That phrase was mentioned this morning by a couple of military friends at breakfast. It was referenced in the 1992 movie A Few Good Men. The character, Colonel Nathan Jessup, was played by Jack Nicholson. When asked if … Continue reading

Can You Handle the Truth?

I listened to a keynote speaker last night talking about a Code Red. It was referenced in the 1992 movie, A Few Good Men. The character, Colonel Nathan Jessup was played by Jack Nicholson. When asked if he ordered a … Continue reading