Remarkable New Progress Being Made To Quickly and Accurately Determine Infection

I have always maintained and written about an effective way to control the spread of the pandemic virus is to have fast, cheap, and easy-to-use tests. For example, a person could test daily after awakening and know before they had … Continue reading

Nasal Sprays May Be More Effective Than Vaccines to End the Pandemic

A few months ago, I came across some research on nasal sprays and the potential to halt the spread of COVID-19. I use a nasal spray (Xlear) every day before leaving home. It blocks the ACE2 receptor to prevent the … Continue reading

Nitric Oxide – Another Arrow in the Quiver to Treat Coronavirus

Some of us hear the term nitric oxide and we think of the laughing gas that dentists use to calm their patients. Nitric oxide (formula NO) is not what the dentist uses. It is nitrous oxide (formula N2O). I have … Continue reading

Aging Problem #203 Increases Your Risk of Death from Coronavirus

I wrote a couple of books on aging and longevity. I do not have a list with more than two-hundred aging problems in either book. The number ‘203’ (arbitrary number) signifies that there are many causes of problems, especially aging. … Continue reading

17 Pros & Cons Regarding Exercise and Health

We hear about exercising from the fitness gurus all the time. We need cardio, we need strength training, we need cross-training, and we need this and that. However, they never tell you why. My style of writing is to tell … Continue reading

Balance is Required for Long-Term Health

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that homocysteine damages cholesterol in our blood. Those damaged cholesterol molecules can directly damage the walls of our arteries. Eventually, it creates a disease called atherosclerosis. Increased homocysteine in our blood drastically reduces the levels … Continue reading

A Better Lifestyle – Part Three of Four

500 Word Project – Day 296 9:37 p.m.             23OCT14 A Better Lifestyle – Part Three of Four Exercise is the third part of a four-part lifestyle. This writing today will not tell you how to exercise – how many reps … Continue reading