How Do You Really Protect Yourself Against the Delta Variant?

I saw a headline a day or so ago about what people can do to protect themselves from the Delta variant when they are already vaccinated. I considered the suggestions and thought about the latest upsurge in new cases, hospitalizations, … Continue reading

How Safe is Extended Fasting for Many Days?

I fast every month for a minimum of 72 hours. Most months, I end up over 100 hours. I fast by drinking only water and unsweetened iced tea. Once I reach 72 hours without food, I decide whether I want … Continue reading

What is important for improved health in 2020? (What should I prioritize?)

What causes us to age? What causes disease? What makes us more susceptible to sickness in our elder years? The health care industry would go out of business if we knew the answers to those questions (and took action). Yet, … Continue reading