How I Learn to Stop Worrying and Love COVID

I am recovering from my second bout of COVID-19 today. My first was eight months ago. The Delta variant was more vicious of the two. However, if this is the worst that can happen every eight to twelve months, then … Continue reading

The Latest Medical Research on Treating and Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

I will be speaking this week on the causes of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and our options. An option is a big word when discussing health. From a medical perspective, options are only those approved drugs identified for a specific disease. … Continue reading

New Antibody-Drug Reduces Death in High-Risk Pandemic Patients

Since the pandemic, many companies around the world have been developing treatments to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus. A year ago, over 130 potential drugs were being evaluated in over one thousand clinical trials. Antivirals, immune modulators, and many more can … Continue reading

Clinical Trials for New Lupus Drug Have Shown Stellar Results

Lupus is an autoimmune disease without a current cure. Some lifestyle changes moderate the disease – diet and sun protection. A medical diagnosis along with laboratory testing can confirm the condition. Lupus can last a lifetime. Almost two-thirds of Americans … Continue reading

Human Guinea Pigs Will Get a Second Infection of Pandemic Virus

Imagine surviving the pandemic virus and then asked to be reinfected a second time so that scientists can study your symptoms. It is happening. We know of a few, very few, people who became infected a second time by accident. … Continue reading

Other COVID-19 Treatment Options

We know companies around the world are researching, developing, and testing vaccines for COVID-19. We also know that there are several anti-viral medicines that might be effective to treat this virus. Testing is being done on both vaccines and antiviral … Continue reading